Antacid Ceramic Floorings

TVMAC, S.L. is devoted to implementation and distribution of chemicals for construction.

Within the flooring sector for food and chemistry industries, Tvmac has focused on extruded ceramic for flooring and covering subjected to high mechanical and chemical loads.

Regarding food industry –for which hygiene, chemical and physical corrosion, heavy traffic and, often, high levels of water or moisture are to be taken into consideration– epoxy resin mortar to be used for sealing requires to include two different constituents, especially indicated for wineries, canning factories, dairy or chemical industries, for instance.

There are other different resins: vinyl ester, acrylic modified, etc. Their function being to increase chemical resistance, their use is required when special chemical resistance is needed (bunding in chemical industry, etc.).

Tvmac technicians assess clients’ needs and seek the best solution from a technical and economic point of view.

Given the European health and hygiene regulations currently in force in our country regarding food industry, our company leads the way and has large experience in finding technical solutions guaranteeing the compliance with the most strict conditions both in ceramic flooring of old premises and new installation works.

Completed Projects

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