Repair and Restoration

TVMAC, S.L. has extensive experience in seeking and implementing solutions to guarantee restoration, sealing and waterproofing of façades damaged by time. Repair and protection of structures affected by different problems such as the degeneration of cement used in construction, or its carbonation, etc. are also among the fields of expertise of the company.

All the products used hold quality certifications in compliance with the provisions UNE-EN-ISO-9001-2000, since our commitment to quality and guarantee so require.

Completed Projects

Bridge, CatoiraBuilding Cine VitoriaEsteycoLighthouse, SálvoraHotel FinisterrePedra de abalar (Logan rock), MuxíaResidential building Las AvenidasNorten-GamesaParador de turismo de BaionaJettyPazo de SálvoraAs Pías Bridge, FerrolSanta BrígidaTeatro Cine Fraga