‘ThermaBead’ Insulation

ThermaBead is a renowned system –certified in countries such as England and Ireland where has been used for more than 20 years– that has already been implemented in more than 100,000 houses for the last three years.

ThermaBead works as approved thermal insulation and keeps its properties and characteristics throughout time.

ThermaBead is a convenient, cost-effective solution.

Proven reliability to reduce heat and cold losses through walls and air chambers.

Injecting compressed air by hose, the state-of-the-art insulation material (Neopor®) is implemented with the ThermaBead adhesive. By slightly pressing the compressed air, the loose beads freely fill every crack and air spaces in the gap, guaranteeing permanent, long lasting thermal insulation results.

The injection process is carried out by an authorized team of technicians and operators trained by the company, and accredited by DGI UK (Domestic & General insulation Ltd) and DGI Iberica.

The insulation effect is immediate. The process is neat and fast, without disturbing the occupants of the houses.

It can be done from either the outside or the inside.

Completed Projects

House - A EstradaHouse - Boqueixón 1House - Boqueixón 2House - Boqueixón 3House - EscairónHouse - GodosHouse - O PinoHouse - PortomouroHouse - Sanxenxo