‘UCRETE’ Floorings

Polyurethane ‘UCRETE’ floorings are the most resilient floor coverings, just for the highest demands in the sector.
Developed and patented in the late 60s, ‘UCRETE’ floorings combine hardness and chemical resistance of polyurethane with the durability and resistance to high temperatures of concrete.

‘UCRETE’ floorings provide the best solution quality-price to any surface exposed to corrosion and heavy traffic.
Proof of this is the fact that more than 2 million square metres have been already installed in approximately 40 countries around the world.

The ‘UCRETE’ floorings consist of polyurethane and cement, which confer on them an exceptional chemical and mechanical resistance. When used for industrial purposes their durability is optimal.

A wide range of colours and finishes are available: non-slip, smooth and terrazzo-like. Thickness can vary from 4 mm upwards.

This type of floorings is specially recommended when resistance to heavy traffic, corrosion or steam cleaning is crucial. Among the different applications are: food industry (dairy, canning, meat, etc.), chemical and pharmaceutical industries, or even metallurgical and textile industries.

‘UCRETE’ floorings can be implemented over uncountable surfaces, such as old concrete or concrete with high levels of moisture.

Completed Projects

Aceralia Sestao – construction and maintenanceBodegas Pintia – wineryBodegas Valbusenda – wineryBodegas Alquiriz – wineryConservas Alcurnia –canningDonuts Panrico – food industryLeche Celta – dairyMatutano – food industryPort of TarragonaSky Chefs Madrid – catering industry