Cookies Policy

This current Cookies Policy is aimed to provide you with the necessary information so that you can choose whether to allow installation of the cookies used by TVMAC, S.L. (hereinafter, the Editor) on the website (hereinafter, the Website), and learn how to use them.
This information is public, and will stay permanently accessible on the link ‘Cookies’, on the Website. You can access to stay informed at any time.
This Cookies Policy may be amended from time to time, as a consequence of any policy change or alteration in the cookies settings.
The Website Editor may use cookies and other similar technologies to store and collect information from your equipment (hereinafter, generally named ‘Cookies’).
Cookies are files or computer programs sent to a browser through a web server. They store information in your equipment when you access or navigate around a website, and allow you to access it after their installation.
That is, cookies are information elements that a website stores in your device when you access such website. Information about your navigation habits or the equipment in which cookies have been stored is gathered and can be used to recognise you.
There are different types of cookies, depending on the purpose they are designed for.
The Editor of the Website uses the following cookies:

  • Technical cookies: those cookies allow you to navigate a website and use different options or services on it, such as identifying a login, accessing private sections or sharing content on social networks. In order to protect the website from security threats, the service CloudFlare is used. Its conditions may be consulted on the following address:
  • Analytic cookies: those cookies allow us to keep track and analyse your behaviour when navigating around our website. Information such as whether you had visited our web before. In order to carry out this analysis we use the service Google Analytics. Terms and conditions of these services may be consulted on the following address:
  • Social cookies: those cookies that social network service providers may store when you choose to share certain content from our website with their network. Terms and conditions of these services may be consulted on the following addresses:

The cookies used by the Website are anonymous and do not provide personal details about you.


Cookies will be stored after your consent. We consider we have your consent if you navigate around our website, or if you carry out specific actions that imply your explicit authorization for cookies to be installed –for instance, when you register yourself as Website user.
Should you desire to revoke your consent, you must delete the stored cookies. In order to prevent them from installing again in the future, you must activate the options ‘Private Navigation’ or ‘Do-Not-Track’ available in your browser. That is, you can block cookies, or disable their installation.
In order to allow, block or delete the stored cookies you must access the browser settings and follow the browser instructions. Below you can find the link to the most popular browsers:

Should you use any other browser, or should the above links not provide the information you desire, you can learn how to manage cookies by accessing ‘Options’ and ‘Settings’ –or any equivalent– of the browser, or either by checking the browser options ‘Help’ or ‘Support’.
There are some browsers that allow setting specific rules –‘exceptions’– so that you can manage cookies depending on the website. In those cases, cookies may be disabled from every site except for those you trust.

Should you block or remove cookies in your browser, some services or options might not be available on the website.